Sunday, June 17, 2012

אוצר קטן / Otzar Katan / Little treasure

אוצר קטן / Little treasure / Otzar Katan 
by Anat Georgy
illustrated by Shahar Leibovich
translated by Evie Goldfarb
Language: English
CreateSpace, 2011
24 p. : col. ill. ; 21 x 21 cm.
ISBN: 1466366168; 9781466366169
My annotation: This is the story of Natalie, a single woman, who is looking for a “treasure that will fill her heart with love.” She looks everywhere but cannot find it. During her travels around town, she stops to rest in a playground and it hits her that the treasure she seeks is inside of her - her own egg. So she visits a doctor who tells her that all she needs is “one special sperm” to match her egg. He gives her the sperm and she goes home to introduce it to her egg, but she is not successful at first. After several months of trying to get the sperm and the egg to “connect,” she is finally successful and together they turn into a “teeny-tiny embryo.” That embryo “arranged a lovely room for himself inside Natalie’s womb,” and stayed there for nine months until the day she felt the baby was ready to come out. Grandma and Grandpa and aunts and uncles visit both mother and child in the hospital and the story ends when she looks at her “little treasure” and her heart fills with love. The book introduces children to the terms, “sperm,” “egg,” “embryo,” and “womb,” but the word “donor” is not mentioned. This book takes a child-conception and a family-building approach and employs the “labor of love” script. Among the full-color professional illustrations are several renderings of sperm trying to woo the egg. Recommended for children ages 3-5.

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  1. A beautiful book!
    My son can not get enough of it

    1. Do you know the author by any chance? I am trying to reach her.

  2. Is it about a choice mom who used donor sperm? I'm trying to be a choice mom and I'm using a bank.

  3. Yes, the book is about a single mother by choice who uses donor sperm.