Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The hen that couldn't lay an egg

The hen that couldn't lay an egg
by Clyde Smith
illustrated by Bob and Shane Bainbridge
Language: English
Publish America, 2011
32 pp.
ISBN: 9781462637966
Summary: Oh how Miss Priscilla wanted some baby chicks of her own, but this wasn't happening. Day after day, she would hop into a nest and try to make an egg, but all in vain. No matter how much time she spent on her nest, it was always empty. One day, Mrs. Jones laid an ostrich egg down in the grass beside the driveway to get it out of the way while the car was unloaded. After the suitcases were carried into the house, Mrs. Jones returned to get the egg and was surprised to see Priscilla sitting on top of it. She had to laugh to see such a funny site. Priscilla was perched on top with her legs hanging down on either side of the egg, and trying hard not to fall off. She had to call her husband to come see how ridiculous this hen looked sitting atop that big egg. That would only be the beginning. 

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  1. High time someone started to speak to children honestly about where they came from!