Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As many children as the stars

As many children as the stars
by Doris Ortiz Garcia
Language: English
Mustang, OK: Tate Pub & Enterprises Llc, 2010.
36 pp.
ISBN: 1616636084; 9781616636081
Summary: Once upon a time...a husband and wife, who loved children's stories, longed for children of their own to share with them their favorite stories. The Master Teller promises the couple As Many Children as the Stars, but they must go on a challenging journey. They must first choose the one story, and then they must seek out the one child who will read the one story and believe, allowing the miracle to begin. This quest is not easy, and along the way, it begins to seem that the husband and wife will never find the one child. Will they lose hope, or will they keep faith and find the one child the Master Teller has promised will lead them to gathering As Many Children as the Stars? Find out in this endearing modern-day fable.

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