Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I already know how special you are

I already know how special you are
by Chelle Stuck
illustrated by Mary Mielke
Language: English
Lulu, 2006
49 pp.
ISBN: 1847285996; 9781847285997
Summary: This is a wonderful story telling a new baby how special God made him/her. The illustrations by Mary Mielke are black and white to attract babies attention. This is of special interest to couples who had a difficult time conceiving.  

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  1. Have you seen this book?
    It's called "What Makes a Baby?". It's a picture book intended for all types of families and all types of 'birth'(adoption, surrogacy, etc.). I follow your gay-themed picture book blog btw. Thanks for creating these! I'm a newly-minted librarian working in a Children's Library, and your blog is really helping me with my collection development. :)