Monday, May 28, 2012

More than four

More than four
by Katie Carone
illustrated by Britt Hendrickson
Language: English
CreateSpace, 2011
44 pp.
ISBN: 9781467956123; 1467956120
Summary: The Four Family is happy being four until they hear that the King has a special Package of Two waiting to join their family. However, they can't find a way to get to the palace. How will they pick up their package so they can be More Than Four? This heart-warming tale takes the reader on an emotional journey with the Four Family as they encounter various obstacles on the road to the palace where their special package is waiting. "More Than Four" exemplifies the struggles and heartache of families and couples dealing with infertility, and the joy and hope that one family received. Even with the deeper meaning and allegorical theme set aside, this stand-alone tale of love and sacrifice is simple and sweet to appeal to all audiences.

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