Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dans notre histoire, il y a ... une graine magique!

Dans notre histoire, il y a ... une graine magique!
Illustré par Nicolas Hunerblaes
Language: French
Association MAIA, 2008
1 vol. (non paginé [26] p.) : ill. en coul., couv. ill. en coul. ; 20 cm.
ISBN: 9782952797719; 2952797714
Reading level: 3-6
My annotation: In our story, there is a magic seed! is a very simple and straightforward story of an infertile couple who love each other very much and have been trying for a long time to have a baby but have not been successful. The book explains to children that it takes a “seed” from the dad and an “egg” from the mom to have a baby, so when they go to see a doctor who tells them that it is the husband’s “seed” that is the problem, this makes the couple very sad. But the good news, the doctor tells them, is that there are men who "donate" their seeds so that people like them can have babies. Mom goes to the hospital where she is inseminated, becomes pregnant and “(a)fter several months, our long-awaited baby was born! And that baby was you!” The book takes a family-building approach and employs “the helper” script. Recommended for ages 3-5 and only available in French.

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