Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The baby about to be born: a story of spirit for adoptive and A.R.T. families

The baby about to be born: a story of spirit for adoptive and A.R.T. families
by Karen Daniels
illustrated by Marla Thirsk
Language: English
CreateSpace, 2011
38 p. : col. ill. ; 22 x 22 cm.
ISBN: 0615469531; 9780615469539  
My annotation: Baybo is a spirit who goes to "Earth planning classes" and resides on the planet Stobb, which stands for “soon to be born.” Each spirit gets to choose who their parents will be on Earth but Baybo is stuck. He does not know who he wants his parents to be. All he does know is that he wants to be a little boy and that he wants to do something "really special." As little spirit after little spirit leaves the classroom to be born on Earth, Baybo is starting to feel bad that he does not know who he wants to be born to yet. He finally asks Fornax, his teacher, what he should do and Fornax shows him a beautiful but sad room "that holds the love and wishes of parents who long for children but have not yet been able to have them." These parents he tells Baybo, are especially deserving of children because they want them so badly, and "have to take unusual paths to find their babies." Baybo realizes that this is exactly who he wants to be born to, as they "only allow very special spirits to go to these people." This book is suitable for both families who have adopted as well as families built through ART. Although the author herself went through IVF, the book does not introduce any vocabulary to the reader. It is simply a story about a spirit that is about to be born on Earth. This book takes a child-conception and a family-building approach and employs the “labor of love” script. Full color illustrations on every other page depict a spirit world different from our Earthly world. Recommended for ages 5-8 because of the heady, spirituous concepts introduced.
Available: https://www.createspace.com/3586347

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