Monday, May 28, 2012

Daddy Dog and Papi Panda's rainbow family

Daddy Dog and Papi Panda's rainbow family
written and illus. by Anthony Hale
Language: English
CreateSpace, 2012.
33 pp. : col. ill. ; 22 x 22 cm.
ISBN: 9781475090888; 1475090889
My annotation: Daddy Dog and Papi Panda were just Mr. Dog and Mr. Panda until the day they received a call about a child monkey who was awaiting a family. Daddy Dog climbed aboard a plane and traveled very far in order to retrieve Mikey the Monkey and so the loving family - formally two - became a family of three. Then one day, Miss Cat announces that she’d like to carry a kitten for Daddy Dog and Papi Panda, but she did not have one kitten, or even two. She had three kittens and so their family of three expanded to a family of six. This is the story of how a two-dad family was built via adoption and surrogacy. It takes a family-building approach and employs the “helper” script. Recommended for children ages 3-5.  

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