Thursday, November 28, 2013

Reg, Dave and Zach

Reg, Dave and Zach
written and illus. by Nikita Chloe John
Language: English
Baltimore : PublishAmerica, 2013.
24 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
ISBN: 1627099727; 9781627099721
Summary: This children's book was inspired by Elton John's concern over his son having two homosexual dads and being born via surrogacy. I understand children have nothing to do with how they got here or their parent's or guardian's choices or lifestyles, so I thought this book, which is based on the real Elton John, partner David Furnish and son Zachary, would encourage love and compassion for people who have different living arrangements, and teach how love makes a family. I also wrote this book to encourage tolerance, acceptance and love for people who have medical conditions like cancer, hemophilia and HIV and AIDS. In order to take away the negative stigma of surrogate moms, I wrote a cute part about a duck who could not lay eggs of her own, and how six of her friends got together and each gave her an egg from their own nest so she too could have a family I hope this book does not offend any religious beliefs, but promote love, compassion, acceptance and tolerance of different people.

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