Friday, November 29, 2013

Chloe wants to be a mother

Chloe wants to be a mother 
by Rosa Maestro
illus. by Barbara Guillen Feltrer 
Language: English 
Editorial Chocolate, 2013 
24 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 8494075624; 9788494075629 
My annotation: Chloe wants to be a mother, but how? She does not have a man in her life. This is the story of a woman lucky enough to be granted a wish by a shooting star and of all the things she could have asked for, her one wish was to become a mother. One day she wakes up to find a box under her pillow containing the seed she would need in order to make a baby. With the box is also a note telling her to go see a doctor who could put the seed in her tummy. As promised by the shooting star, Chloe becomes pregnant and when Chloe’s daughter is born, she begins to tell her the story of the shooting star and how her wish to be a mother was granted. The shooting star makes one more trip back to see Chloe after her daughter is born to tell her that now that she has a family, she is not to forget that it is a “very special family,” and to tell her daughter “that she was born because you wanted her so much.” And so, this is the story that Chloe tells her daughter every night before bed. This book employs the “helper” and “families are made differently” scripts and takes both a child-conception and a family-building approach. The color illustrations are professionally rendered and it is recommended for ages 3-5. Also available in Spanish as Cloe quiere ser mamá.

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