Thursday, November 28, 2013

Descobrindo as Diferenças: A Família de Leãozinho é Assim!

Descobrindo as Diferenças: A Família de Leãozinho é Assim! 
by Laísa Freire 
illus. by Rafael Correa Lima
Language: Portuguese 
Ensinamento Editora, 2013 
24 p. : col. ill. ; 20 x 20 cm. 
ISBN: 9788581900254
My annotation: Discovering the differences: the cub's family is so!, currently only available in Portuguese, is by only the third author out of Brazil to write a children’s book about donor insemination. Written by a godmother for her godson, it is a very loving story of a happy little lion cub who lives with his mother and grandmother on a savannah by a beautiful lake. The cub is a very cheerful little boy and has many friends at school and a cousin he plays with who lives nearby with his godparents. It is not lost on this cub that his cousin has a mother and a father and he also notices that the families of his friends are all different too. One day he asks his mother about his father and his mother very gently tells her son that she does not know him but that he generously donated his seed so that they, mother and son, could be together. “It was written in the stars,” that they be together she tells him and she is very grateful to this lion who donated his seed. The book takes a family-building approach and employs “the helper,” script, the “labor of love” script, and the “families are made differently” script. Full color illustrations are professionally rendered and the book is recommended for ages 3-5.
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