Recommendations by Age Group

Stay tuned. As of February 16, 2014 this section of the site is new and will be growing as I annotate the books and determine at which age level they belong. I am using Elaine Reese's book, Tell Me a Story: Sharing Stories to Enrich Your Child's World as my guide to determine age categories. She breaks up age groups as per the following: ages 1-3 (toddlers), ages 3-5 (preschoolers), ages 5-8 (school-age children), ages 8-12 (preteens), and ages 12-18 (adolescents). For books for adolescents, please visit my other site: YA Books for Donor Offspring

Books for children ages 3-5:

Books for children ages 5-8:

Books for children ages 8-12:

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