Thursday, November 28, 2013

One little egg

One little egg 
by Kimberly F. Demeo 
illus. by Julia Andrzejewska 
Language: English 
[S.l.] : Outskirts Press, 2013. 
25 p. : col. ill. ; 26 cm. 
ISBN: 1478710845; 9781478710844 
Summary: One Little Egg by Kimberly F. DeMeo is a children's book which was written to teach kids about egg donation in a colorful, lively, kid friendly way. The theme of this book is important because today more and more people are getting married and waiting to have children at an older age. For a staggering number of women, it is not easy to conceive a child on their own, so they have to use methods such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Unfortunately, a large number of these IVF cases are unsuccessful. That is where the miracle of egg donation comes into play. For families who want to have a child and cannot on their own, egg donation is their last resort. But what about the children of egg donation? How does learning about how they were conceived affect them? Unfortunately, there is still an unnecessary negative stigma when it comes to using an egg donor in order to get pregnant. This should not be! Explaining to children of egg donation how they were conceived at an early age is vital in raising a well-adjusted, happy and successful child! Children will love reading this book. This story is unique in that it is told from the viewpoint of the egg and is relatable to children. Exsie the donor egg is the main character in One Little Egg. It is her job to explain egg donation to the younger eggs, or "recruits" as they are called in the book. She explains the crucial role they have in helping a family's dream of having a baby come true. Children will relate to an adorable little egg named Sara who struggles with her existence. She is at the "Egg Donor Academy" being taught what her role is in helping couple who is yearning to have a baby. This story is filled with action, emotion and of course, education about egg donation. The author was compelled to write this children's book for two very important reasons, and their names are Miranda and Sydney! After five long years of unsuccessful procedures, she and her husband decided to have a baby through egg donation. 

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