Monday, April 6, 2009

Who's Ivy F I.V.F.?

Who's Ivy F I.V.F? 
by Katrina Kay Logan 
illustrated by Geoff Logan 
Language: English 
Chandler, Qld. : K. Logan, 2009. 
1 v.
ISBN: 9780980616200; 0980616204  
Reading level: Ages 4-6
Review: Written by a woman whose nephew was conceived by IVF and who could not find any books that were “neither too scientific nor too clinical” on the subject. It is narrated by a little boy who overhears his parents talk about their “special I.V.F. baby.” But, not knowing it is he they are talking about, he has no idea who Ivy F. is. After going on a search to find Ivy and being unable to, he finally asks his parents who Ivy F. is and they explain to him that he is their IVF baby.

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