Monday, April 6, 2009

My story: for children conceived by donor insemination

My story: for children conceived by donor insemination 
by Julie Heath; Jessop Hospital for Women; Infertility Research Trust 
Language: English 
Infertility Research Trust, ©1991. 
18 p. : col. ill ; 20 x 22 cm.
ISBN: 0901100293
My annotation: Told in the first person and narrated by the child, this is the story of how Mummy and Daddy “loved each other very much” and “tried for a long time” but could not make a baby. So they went to the hospital to see if they could get some help and they were told that Daddy’s sperm was “not able to meet Mummy’s egg…” However, the doctor tells them, “some very kind men” give their sperm so that couples like them can have babies of their own. Although this is a book about donor insemination, the term “donor” is not introduced. Parents should also be apprised of the fact that there is one page of nudity depicting a naked pregnant woman early on in the story. Published in 1991, this book was only the third book in the world to be published about third party reproduction for children and the only book published that year on the subject. This book takes a child-conception approach and employs “the helper” and “labor of love” scripts. Full-color cartoon-like drawings depict people of all races. Recommended for children ages 3-5.
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