Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just the baby for me

Just the baby for me
by Barbara Sue Levin
Language: English
Lulu, 2008
15 p. : col. ill. ; 22 x 22 cm.
My annotation: This autobiographical story was written as a bedtime story for the author’s daughter. It is a tender story about a woman who always “wanted to grow up to be a mommy.” As time went by though and she did not find the right man, she decides to have a baby on her own and goes on to explain how this was done. First, two things are needed: sperm from a man and an egg from the woman. Since she had no man in her life, she had to visit a “sperm bank” in order to get the sperm. Then she went to a doctor who “helped put the sperm in her belly.” When the sperm and egg came together, they said to each other, “You are just the sperm for me!” And the sperm replies, “You are just the egg for me!” thus conveying to her daughter how she was just the baby for her. Although the term "donor" is not used, this is still a wonderful book for a choice mom to help her explain sperm donation to her child, as well as how much a child is wanted. Full color illustrations are hand drawn by the author and depict a very happy woman from childhood all the way to adulthood as she lives in anticipation of having a child of her own one day. This book takes a family-building approach and employs the “labor of love” script. Recommended for ages 3-5.

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