Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Making of You: A Donation Story

The Making of You: A Donation Story 
by Polly Purple 
Language: English 
Independently published, 2021. 
41 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 9798731345163 
Summary: You’ve been through a lot. I know because I went through a lot. When tough events have come upon me in life, I have always found insight and comfort in the pages of a book. I made this book because I wanted to celebrate the generosity, teamwork, and love that brought my kids into being. I wanted to make a book that felt beautiful and even a touch magical. I hope you find some sense of these qualities in these pages. Warm wishes to you and your beautiful family, Xx Polly. Talking to our children about their donor-assisted conception is proven to be key in their acceptance and understanding of how they came to be. Here is a book that brings joy and celebration to the assisted conception process while sparking conversation to help your child understand their own unique story. Reading this with your family will: Give a light voice to your heavy experiences, Create a sense of joy through the softly colored and charming illustrations, Normalise the many ways a family can look, Combine infertility with the broader picture of baby-making such as family composition, sex, and birth, Give you space to elaborate on your story as you see fit. Help your child to understand their story is special and private. This book is focused on medically assisted procedures involving donated sperm and eggs. Surrogacy is not covered in this version. 

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