Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Seed, The Egg, and The Magic Love Tummy

The Seed, The Egg, and The Magic Love Tummy 
by Grandpa 
Language: English 
CreateSpace, 2014. 
74 p. cm. 
ISBN: 1499193696 ; 9781499193695 
Summary: An illustrated first storybook, for under fives, designed to explain, in simple childlike terms, the process of IVF donor conception to children conceived as the result of sperm or egg donation. Fuzzy Bobbit is an inquisitive little rabbit who wants an answer to the question: "Where do babies come from?" He quizzes his little playmates, Frisky Rufus the red squirrel, Smartypants Slipper the weasel, and Bumble Firkin the shrew, but they are no use. So Fuzzy sets out to question the grown ups. His quest takes him far and wide through the forest. Along the way he meets a host of woodland creatures - Mr and Mrs Burrows, the moles, Colonel Knocker the woodpecker, Mr Skitter the squirrel, Doctor Barcode the badger, Nurse Prickles the hedgehog, and the Right Reverend Dr Plumage the kingfisher Bishop of Ash Grove. After an encounter with the French fox, Monsieur Renard and the Spanish dove, Signora Paloma, Fuzzy finds himself standing in front of his headmaster, Professor Hoot the owl. With the professor's help the little rabbit is finally able to unravel the mystery of The Seed, The Egg, and the Magic Love Tummy. 

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