Friday, October 17, 2014

Ruby's Story: An Embryo Adoption Journey

Ruby's Story: An Embryo Adoption Journey 
by W. Kathryn Clark and Joann Curtrara 
illus. by Steve Kim 
Language: English 
40 p : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 0990348202 ; 9780990348207 
Summary: This heartwarming story describes the journey of how one family comes together through the miracle of Embryo Adoption. We join a mother recounting her embryo adoption journey to her daughter, Ruby, who is now around 5 years old. The mother is a single woman who was never able to find her "special someone" to start a family with; she is introduced to the donating family through a friend. The story provides an age-appropriate explanation of IVF, embryo adoption and genetic relationships, and also focuses on the social aspect of adoption. In the US alone there are half-a-million frozen embryos in storage that have been created for IVF. Once family building is complete, many parents struggle with the decision of what the next steps are for their frozen embryos. Embryo Adoption is a unique opportunity for couples and individuals experiencing infertility to build their own family by giving these embryos a home. 

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