Saturday, January 29, 2022

Warrior Mom

Warrior Mom 
by Carolyn Dorothy 
illus. by Annika Kristin 
Language: English 
Independently published, 2022. 
25 p. : col. ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 9798496288811 
Summary: Warrior Mom is a children’s book written in honor of all the moms who have fought the battle of infertility to get to their child. It is a simple poem, with powerful illustrations, that captures the journey of infertility and celebrates the heart of the warrior who fights for her child. “All mothers are mothers through and through, but your mother fought relentlessly to get to you.” This love clearly existed prior to the baby being born, and it was this love that drove the mother to keep fighting for her baby. The illustrations powerfully capture the journey of infertility and give another dimension of life to the lyrical words. Faith, perseverance, and seeking medical help are all part of the story. Warrior Mom is the perfect gift to give to a mother who has gone through infertility. Regardless of going through IVF, IUI, a naturopath, etc. any mom who has experienced the battle of infertility will deeply relate to both the words and illustrations of this lovingly crafted picture book. Mothers who are currently going through infertility treatment can find strength and encouragement from this book. It can also be used to educate children and young adults, about the reality of infertility, in a way that promotes safe conversations. 

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