Monday, April 10, 2017

Mummy's journey: a sperm donation fairy tale

Mummy's journey: a sperm donation fairy tale 
written and illus. by Anja Reiler 
Language: English 
Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2017.
Summary: The author of this book is the mother of a girl that was conceived with the help of a donor, at a fertility clinic in Denmark. She wanted to start early on to explain to her daughter why she didn’t have a father, but she struggled to find age appropriate literature. She therefore decided to write her own book. The book uses simple language and colourful illustrations to explain that it is possible to have a child as a single mother, without a father. It is about donor conception and assisted reproduction, explained to young children. It is tried and tested on her daughter, a number of children of different ages and their parents, as well as child care professionals. 

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