Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Egg, The Seed, and The Magic Love Tummy

The Egg, The Seed, and The Magic Love Tummy 
by Grandpa 
Language: English 
CreateSpace, 2016. 
70 p. : black and white ill. ; cm. 
ISBN: 1518700012 ; 9781518700019
Summary: An illustrated first storybook, for under fives, designed to explain, in simple childlike terms, the process of IVF donor conception to children conceived as the result of egg donation. A companion book (for girls) to The Seed, The Egg, and The Magic Love Tummy (for boys). Fluffy Bobbit is a girly little rabbit who loves to play with her baby bunny dolls. But when her big brother, Fuzzy, challenges her to find out where real babies come from she begins a forest-wide quest. Her little playmates, Roly Reed the vole, Slinky Tip-Toes, the stoat, Tiny Timmidd the dormouse and Rusty Skampa the red squirrel don't know the secret. So Fluffy sets out to question the grown ups. Along the way she meets a host of woodland creatures - Fergus Antler-Horne the deer, Oscar Rovers the otter, Pino Skye the pine marten, Dr Barcode the badger, Nurse Prickles the hedgehog and Monsignor Rosso Scarletti the cardinal. After an encounter with the wildboar Buster Bumpitt and Maggie Two-Tone the magpie, Fluffy finds herself standing in front of her headmaster, Professor Hoot the owl. With the professor's help the little rabbit is finally able to unravel the mystery of The Egg, The Seed, and The Magic Love Tummy. 

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