Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Little Dish: The Story of Your Creation Through In Vitro Fertilization

My Little Dish: The Story of Your Creation Through In Vitro Fertilization 
by Sari Dennis 
illus. by Linda Giacomazzo 
Language: English 
unpaged : col. ill. ; cm. 
CreateSpace, 2014. 
ISBN: 1502320479 ; 9781502320476 
Summary: For every parent who has experienced that emotional roller coaster called infertility, this book has been written to provide you with a point at which you may begin to discuss your child's conception. Each of us has had a very different experience, very personal in nature from one another. With this is mind, the book has been authored in a generic fashion. This is a gentle yet descriptive starting point to have a conversation with your child, and to let them know about their conception. As your children grow older, you may want to provide more details and take them deeper into your experiences and the experience of infertility. You will also find special pages set aside for each parent. I encourage you to record your own thoughts and circumstances here, to specify them for your child so that they can relate to this information on a personal level. 

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