Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our story (sperm donation for solo mums)

Our story (sperm donation for solo mums)
by Nicola Baxter; Donor Conception Network
Language: English
Nottingham : Donor Conception Network, ©2002.
24 p. : col. ill. ; 20 x 21 cm.
ISBN: 0954399501
My annotation: A little boy begins to ask his mum if he has a dad like the other children at school. His mum replies that there are several different types of families, including the one like theirs where it is “just us.” The boy then asks,  “But did I ever have a dad?” to which his mum begins to tell him how much she really wanted him but that she just did not “meet the right person to be a dad.” She begins to tell him how a sperm from a man and an egg from a woman are necessary to make a baby but that “some very kind men gave some of their sperm so that women like me could have babies.” The little boy then asks if they know anything about “the man who helped you to make me?” to which the mum replies that she just knows a few things like the colour of his eyes, the colour of his hair, and how tall he is. She also adds that “there are lots of lucky families like us,” assuring her son that he is not the only one who was brought into the world this way. This book is an introduction to anonymous sperm donation for children, although it does not introduce children to the term “donor.” It takes a family-building approach and employs the “families are made differently” and “the helper” scripts. It is in full-color and hand-drawn by various children who depict people of all colors and sizes. Recommended for children ages 3-5.
Library of Congress Subject Headings:

  • Artificial insemination, Human -- Pictorial works -- Juvenile fiction

Available: http://www.dcnetwork.org/products/product/our-story-sperm-donation-solo-mums


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