Friday, November 29, 2013

A family of two: Ashley began in Mommy's heart

A family of two: Ashley began in Mommy's heart 
written and illus. by Elizabeth Reed 
Language: English 
Summary: ‘Ashley Began in Mommy's Heart’ celebrates the universal and unconditional love that mothers feel for their children. This book serves as a comfort and reassurance to little children that they are special and loved, and that they are a remarkable miracle for their mothers. Through her mother’s love and nurturing, Ashley feels and understands how special her family is. This book presents the basic facts of anonymous donor conception in a simple, easily comprehensible and heartfelt manner. This book aims to help your child start learning, understanding and accepting his or her family and origin, just like Ashley. This book is something you can share with your child over the years and will help foster and strengthen your bond as you create your own special story. 

Also available: James began in Mommy's heart

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